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    Calculated Field help - I'm going crazy

    Mikey Michaels

      Hello All,

      Thanks for taking a look.

      On the attached, I'm trying to calculate the number of records over a specified period of time based off a parameter called "date parameter". I have created two tabs: One is a manual table called "Manual", where I manually selected the dates and the number of records during the Jan 16 - Mar 16 time frame. Obviously I do not want to have to manually select  new dates as I add new data to my Excel source file.


      The second tab is called "Calculated Field" and contains a calculated field that is called "EASY in range- Previous (1)".  This calculated field is to look back until the Jan - Mar 16 time frame and calculate the number of records automatically and will update when a new month of data is added. Here is the problem:


      As of right now my CF reads:


      if ([Month]) >= DATEADD('month',-5,[Date parameter]) and ([Month])<= DATEADD('month',-3,[Date parameter]) then

      [Number of Records]



      However this only returns Jan 16 - Feb 16


      If I adjust the formula to read:


      if ([Month]) >= DATEADD('month',-5,[Date parameter]) and ([Month])<= DATEADD('month',-2,[Date parameter]) then

      [Number of Records]



      This returns Jan - April 16


      How can I adjust this formula to look at Jan - Mar 16!? I'm going crazy over here