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    Tableau and R forecasting

    Mila T

      Hello guys,

      I succeed to install R and connect it with Tableau. Also, found a few forecast scripts and test it but to be honest don't know nothing regarding this matter.

      For my forecast I chose between Tableau's 10 forecast combinations (Auto, None-Multi, Multi-Multi, Add-Multi etc..). And for better results copy data from Tableau in Excel, make some charts and look which method is the best. Can someone give me some directions how to make the best forecast with R and Tableau as I do forecast every month and use Actuals from 2014 till last month. (e.g. if I do forecast today, I am going to exclude July data). That would be all from my side.

      Picture below shows how I do forecast ---> export data from Tableau in Excel, make chart and need to find the best solution. I would like to avoid every month copy/paste huge data, creating tables and other things to get the best forecast.

      I really appreciate any help.

      Thank you in advance.

      Excel Chart.JPG