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    group various calculated fields

    Paulina Gallardo

      Is there a way to group various calculated fields that return numbers into a measure with all those numbers?

      Also does Tableau reader has any capability to be interactive (other than pre-designed filters)?  For example, maybe allowing user to group two locations together into a customized location and name it, or allowing some values to be input and some calculations performed off the value?

      Thank you in advance!

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          Hey Paulina,


          We recommend asking one question per thread as multiple is likely to result in not getting a response. However:


          You likely wouldn't want to group those calculated fields but rather create one longer calculated field that combines the multiple calculations to get to the result you want.


          As for Reader, reader is purely for interacting with existing vizzes without the ability to modify or change the workbook. You're looking at Tableau Desktop to achieve what you described.