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    Export large amount of underlying data

    Kate Waldman

      First - I recognize that Tableau is not an ETL tool, so this might be a question where the best answer is "Tableau is not an ETL tool." But I figure it's worth asking!


      We capture a lot of data in Splunk and would like the data to be in SQL Server for better reporting and analysis. Of course, we could replicate the data that's being fed to Splunk in our SQL server, but I'm in a time crunch and am looking for a workaround. I have a Splunk search that returns the data that I'm interested in and I can use Tableau to extract only the fields I'm interested in, make changes to metadata, etc. I'm left with about 6m rows and 15ish columns of data, which is exactly the data that I'd like to load to SQL Server. I thought I could view my underlying data, expand the row count, copy it all and paste it to a place where I could import to SS, but my computer freezes at the copying point.


      Any creative ideas for how to workaround this issue?

      Thanks in advance!