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    Date Drilldown Removal

    Vincent Baumel

      Hi everyone-


      I've been looking at a collection of workarounds people have come up with for this issue, and no one seems to have a solid way to achieve what I'm looking for. I have a simple line graph of sales over time - currently it's set to (continuous) month on columns and sum(sales) on rows. I don't want my users drilling into the x-axis though, so I tried to replace my continuous month with something equivalent. The closest I came up with was to create a custom date, and selecting Detail: Month/Year. This gives me the same graph, but now changing the labeling is a problem because it's a dimension. If I could only hide SOME of the headers it would be fine (e.g. only keep January of each new year) but I can't find a way to do that. I can drag YEAR(InvoiceDate) to the left of InvoiceDate(Month / Year), hide the Month / Year headers, then have little separate lines for each year, but I want them to all connect.


      Here is a workbook with an example of what I'm talking about. I've added captions to each sheet to help explain myself.