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    Line chart with row count by date but for multiple fields

    kevin knorpp

      Hello again, Community


      Sorry for poorly worded title and also couldn't think of a way to formulate a search on this either but here is the issue...


      For example, say I have the following data...


      Date Field A, Date Field B

      Jan 1, Jan 1

      Jan 2, Jan 2

      Jan 2, Jan 1


      I would like to see a multi-line graph with date as the x-axis and number of records for each of Date Field A and Date Field B as two separate lines.


      For example, for Jan 1, the y-value for Date Field A line would be 1 and y-value for Date Field B line would be 2.


      And for Jan 2 the y-value for Date Field A would be 2 and the y-value for Date Field B would be 1.


      I'm confident I would be able to solve this if I could manipulate the data but will not be able to do that in this case as needs to come straight from un-modified xls file.


      I've been noodling on this trying to attack it from a mathematical perspective but am finally stuck.  I'm thinking maybe using some form of creative blending might do the trick?


      As always, many thanks in advance