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    IF Statement Returning Wrong String Value

    Connor Harle

      I wrote a calculated field two return two possible string values (which I then converted to integers in a separate calculated field) that looked like this:


      IF [String Field] = "Yes" then "529"

      ELSE "249"



      When I bring that field into my crosstab, however, I get some results that are not one of these two values (I see 498, 996, 747 - all multiples of 249, interestingly).


      I received the same results when I used 529 and 249 as integers in the calculation above instead of as strings converted using a separate INT() calculation. Does anyone know why this would happen? Shouldn't there only be 2 possible values? Why would I be getting these multiples of 249 as results in some rows?


      I would share a packaged workbook, but I'm working with Salesforce data.