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    First official WDC 2.0 version released

    Brendan Lee

      Hey all,


      In prep for the upcoming release of Tableau 10.0, we have released the first official version of the 2.0 WDC API, version 2.0.5.


      While in Tableau 10.0 beta, we had been using a file called tableauwdc-2.0.0-beta.js.  For those of you who have already written 2.0 connectors, please upgrade to the official release version (don't worry, they will still work if you don't upgrade, but there are a few important bug fixes that come with the new version).  Our docs and sample code have been updated to use the release version.


      More info here and where to find these files: http://tableau.github.io/webdataconnector/news/news_home


      If you have any questions feel free to leave them here!



      WDC PM