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    Bypassing Attr() when using LOD


      Hello to all:


      I created a calculated fiel that uses the value of a field to calculate a cost


      If attr([Field1]) = 'Value' then Cost = Calculation1

      elseif attr([Field1]) = 'Value' then Cost = Calculation2

      elseif attr([Field1]) = 'Value' then Cost = Calculation3

      elseif attr([Field1]) = 'Value' then Cost = Calculation4


      elseif attr([Field1]) = 'Value' then Cost = CalculationN



      In trying to compare CalculationN for a given segment of our business, I tried to create a LOD to compare CalculationN for a given segment to CalculationN calculated for all businesses for the same value of Field1...


      {fixed [Segment]:...}


      Results in error since what I am comparing is based on ATTR() function. LOD does not like ATTR()... is there a way to either eliminate the need to use ATTR() in my first calculation or to trick LOD calculation.


      Your suggestions are welcome