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    Need assistance with percent difference calculated field

    d Vermaak

      Hello everyone,

      I need assistance in writing a calculation that calculates the percent difference between each individual student compared to the entire school average.

      So in the sample table below, if Jim B's average grade in 2013 was 46.5% and the school average in 2013 was 23.6%, what is the percent difference?


      Normally when I am working with percent difference, it's always in relation to time ((new-old)/old), however in this instance both are based on the same time period, so I just want to check with all of you first.


      Would that calculation still be used in this case?

      So again, if I wanted to compare Jim B's grade in 2013 to the overall school average in 2013, would it be ((46.5%-23.6%)/23.6%)?




      Student2013 Grade
      2014 Grade
      Jim B.46.5%56.6%
      Sara S.78.2%78.2%
      David S.54.6%62.7%
      Sam L.12.3%98.6%
      Damon R.52.3%18.6%


      School Average2013 AVG Score
      2014 AVG Score
      Entire School Average23.6%54.6%