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    Newbie question: What is the easiest way to replace current data source file with a new one?

    Bojie He

      Hi experts


      Newbie situation: I have created a workbook with lots of sheets and have done a lot of calculations. My datasource file is an excel sheet that I carefully designed. The project was just an POC.


      Now the POC is over and now to implement this project at a larger scale, I have to use another excel sheet as the source file. I have formatted the excel sheet to have mostly the same structure (except that I added a few more new columns on this one), but the name has to be different and the data is more complete.


      Now I just want to reuse the workbook by using this new excel sheet as my datasource instead of the previous one.


      What is the easiest way to make such replacement?


      I added new data source in tableau with this new file, but with all of my reports, it is giving me the following warning:


      Fields cannot be used from the sheet1() data source, because there is no relationship to the primary data source. In the data Window, switch to the sheet1() data source, and click at least one link icon to blend these data sources.


      please let me know what's the best approach for my situation.


      Thanks in advance