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    Tabcmd addusers command not working for multiple sites

    Anshul Tiwari

      Hi All,


      I am trying bulk add users via command - tabcmd addusers "testing" --users F:\users1.csv


      I have 2 sites in my Tableau server. This works fine on my default site and I am able to add users in the respective group on my default site.


      But when I try to add users  to a group  in my other site ( a different group named 'test' on this site)  it gives error -


      tabcmd addusers "test" --users F:\users1.csv


      ===== Adding users listed in users1.csv to group test...

        *** Item not found

      Group not found (errorCode=6)


      I tried forcing tableau to use the other site but it gives the the same group not found error.


      tabcmd addusers "test" --site "Site2" --users F:\users1.csv


      I suspect this to be an issue with multiple sites and tableau only recognising groups in the default site.


      Please Help!!