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    Can not connect the database by ODBC on the server side

    Mingzhi Shen

      I'm using the Simba ODBC Driver for Mongodb on Tableau Desktop by ODBC Connector. It work fine. when I publish it to Tableau Server, the connection isn't available anymore ( I create the same ODBC DSN on the server ODBC DataSource Administrator),  I get the error message below when I preview the worksheet on the server page, MES is my DSN name, it exists

      both the server and desktop.


      An unexpected error occurred. If you continue to receive this error please contact your Tableau Server Administrator.


      [Simba][MongoDBODBC] (110) Error from MongoDB Client: Failed to resolve mes (Error Code: 3) Unable to connect using the DSN named "MES". Check that the DSN exists and is a valid connection.

      2016-07-08 22:59:27.629, (V4AwS6wQFGMAACKMMUEAAAE3,0,0)


      Would you like to reset the view?