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    How do I show only one category in donut graph along with percent of total of all category

    Ginni Gujral

      I want to create a donut graph considering date, region, category and profit.

      I want filter on Date , Region and Category(Single value selection for category) .


      I have 2 sheets on dashboard - one to show donut graph to give sum(profit) for a single category (preserving percent of total) and other sheet which gives department and sum(sales) for that particular category


      When I apply filter to choose any one category, I want my donut graph to show sum(profit) of that category preserving percent of total.

      But the problem is since filter applied on category, so the donut starts giving me 100% for each category.

      I tried to resolve it by using calculated field : lookup(attr([Category]),0) and considering this as my filter but then this filter can only be used for donut graph sheet and I need another filter for department wise sum(sales) for that category.


      How to have one filter on category and show donut graph for one category and sum(sales) by dept for that category.


      PFA the worksheet with problem demonstrated, also how final donut graph is needed.