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    Help needed: Adding a location(filled) and a sublocation(dots) to a map

    Abhinandan Patil

      I tried a lot of stuff which didn't work. I need to add the street addresses(as dots) into the territories(as filled areas).


      The format of my data is something like this: Street Address, City, State, Zip, Territory ID, StreetAddressLongitude, StreetAddressLatitude. I retrieved the latitudes and longitudes for a few street addresses using an online website.

      Basically, I want something like the combination of below two images

      I want the blue dots to appear on the red regions. 


      I tried using dual axis for the second latitude, but did not work.


      I tried these threads, but they were all different cases:

      HELP - two map layers with one data source (one filled, one dots)

      Re: How can I combine a filled map and symbol map in one?


      Also, multiple of these red regions combine to become 1 territory, is there any way that I can show different territories? I know the custom territory function is available only in the 10.03 Beta version, but it would be great if there was any hack to do it.


      Any help would be appreciated!