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    Assistance required with “Nested Sorting” of Delay Data

    Lance Martens

      Hi All,


      I would appreciate any guidance on how to go about “Nested Sorting” my Delay Data.


      This request is a continuation after my initial post regarding “Double Ranking” which was successfully resolved by Swaroop.


      With the new found insight provided I was able to configure my ultimate distribution, however


      Required: (Referencing the attached workbook)

      • Sheet-1 delay distribution is based on the nested logic successfully configured for my “Double Ranking” request as mentioned.


      • Sheet-2 is my new delay distribution, I again require two criteria:
      1. Count hierarchy to populate Highest to Lowest of all events (This I was able to do just fine), then the challenge I now face
      2. The adjacent SUM of Total Down Time hierarchy must then populate Highest to Lowest for all events with the “SAME Delay Count value”




      • My workbook is attached


      Any guidance will be most appreciated,