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    Trying to find the difference between two dates (needs to be dynamic)

    Cerberus DA

      have custom SQL query in tableau that displays the data in the following format:

         Start Date |  App 
         6/21/16      app1
         6/22/16      app2
         6/23/16      app3

      In this case, the end date would be '6/23/16'. So, app1 has been "live" for 2 days, app2 for 1 and so on.

      I am trying to find the the number of days an app has been live. I can try using the DateDiff function but I would need to hardcode the values in that case and I want it to be dynamic.

      The challenge is to have a calculated field that would find the max date in the entire column and subtract it from the individual app's date. This would give me the 'number of live days' for an app.

      I am new to tableau and do not know how to proceed. Any help is appreciated.