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    Incorrect grand Totals when rolling up hierarchies for calulated columns within the data view

    sudhira akula

      My data view consists of dimensional hierarchy pills and measure names as columns and dimensional hierarchy pills and Measure values in rows. My measure values consists of calculated fields from multiple data sources. My desired calculated field should have been simple product of three fields. But since the calculated fields are present in secondary data sources, the field resulted as SUM( field1)*SUM(Field2)*SUM(Field3). When I brought that into the data view, the column showed desired values at their deepest levels of hierarchies. but when I roll up the rows and columns to higher levels of hierarchies , the grand totals displayed for the column do not match the grand totals at the deepest levels. Is there a way , Tableau can be set to display only the column total for the calculated field.


      Also how can one create a calculated field with formula as : field1*Field2*Field2 instead of each field being brought as a aggregate value within the calculation formulae, when desired fields are in multiple data sources?