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    Dynamic Sort With Level of Detail Functions

    Anna Chan



      Is it possible to do a dynamic sort { sorting based on a parameters ) for a level of detail function ex. Max? I have attached my formulas - but I cannot get the sorting function to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      I don't really understand why the rank formulas don't work on level of detail calculations. The rates are also based off level of detail calculations (MAX).




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          Simon Padget

          Hi Anna,


          are you able to post a workbook?


          Without that it is really hard to tell.


          What I would check off the bat, though:

          • is this table calc set up correctly for each measure? It may be that it is calculating it at a "cell" level, so everything is getting a 1!
          • you are using SUM( [MAX xxxx] ) -this might also be a cause (though feels less likely)
          • are your LoD calcs working as you would expect. Always best to chuck all your calcs into a simple table and check that first


          hope some of that helps!!



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            Antigone Oreopoulos

            Hi Anna.

            I just had this same trouble myself.


            My measures within the parameters involve level of detail and I suspect this is why the using the default aggregation sort does not work.   When I changed the aggregation of the sort (the option is beside the measure you choose to sort on under the sort tab) to either max or min, instead of sum, the sort works properly.