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    Discrete Fixed Calculation Not Averaging Correctly

    Ashwin Chandak

      Hello guys,


      Please find attached a dummy data file in excel and a tableau workbook to demonstrate the issue I am encountering.


      I am trying to create a view to show average metric values for a chosen date ranged (based on a date parameters) and a spark line/ trend line for the corresponding date range.


      The aggregated number should be an average of all the data points on the sparkline


      For this, I have set up a calculated field called 'Fixed Value' with the following formula : { FIXED [Metric]: AVG([Param Value])}, and converted it to discrete.


      The issue is that the average of the sparkline is not being correctly calculated for the fixed calculation


      Is there something I am missing or is there a workaround to achieve the same?


      Please find the workbook attached. Kindly let me know. Thanks!