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    Mapbox styles not displaying correctly in Tableau Desktop 9.3.3

    John Glazer

      Hi All,


      Seems Mapbox is not working correctly after I have updated to desktop 9.3.3. I have previously used mapbox and the style I created in Mapbox Studio displayed correctly in Tableau desktop 9.3. Now when I create a style and try to upload the new style to Tableau desktop, the map in tableau displays as the standard mapbox style. For instance if I start with a "Light" style in mapbox and then modify it a bunch and publish, when I try to upload the style in Tableau it only looks like the "light" style and has none of the changes I made in mapbox studio. I make sure to publish the style, I upload and select it correctly in Tableau, its always worked for me prior to updating 9.3.3. Anyone else have this issue?