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    Changing monthly values

    Jane Smith

      I have a situation where I have an Excel spreadsheet that I want to put into Tableau and once it is in Tableau then the goal is for it to be fully automated and interactive without changes necessary to be made in Excel. I have multiple calculated variables but there are 3 variables of interest that this question particularly pertains to (Team A, Backup team, and Temp) seen in the example below. I would like these variables to have the capability to be adjusted and interacted with in Tableau. There are calculated variables based off of these related to management of project time lines, budget and inventory. So just looking at one of these variables to start with, for example in June 2016 I plan to have 5 people from Team A work on this project but I'd like to see if I changed that value to say 7 then how would the inventory for June and the carryover inventory change in the later months (holding all else constant or changing later month's Team A values to different scenarios as well). All of the numbers listed are the expected values of people needed from that team but I would like to be able to change any of these numbers for exploration purposes and see the resulting impact on the calculated fields. I would need to make it so that these numbers can be adjusted in Tableau for individual months.  I thought about creating parameters but if I create one parameter for Team A then it will change that value to one value for all of the months, which we don't want. Then if I create a parameter for each of these variables for each month I could get the interaction I require but the dashboard would be overwhelmed with parameter controls (36 for 1 year and I am potentially looking at multiple years). Also this dashboard needs to be very user friendly so I don't want people to have to go into a long complex calculated field and change values within that. I appreciate any help.


      DateTeam ABackup TeamTemp
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          Joe Oppelt

          Tableau does not update your data.  It only pumps out your data.


          However, you CAN create a calc field that triggers off a parameter value, for example.  One idea would be to give the user a parameter to adjust Team-A.


          Create a calc that would look like this:



          Adjusted Team-A:

          [Team A] + [Adjustment Parameter Value]



          Display that on your sheet instead of [Team A].




          Default the parameter to zero, but let the user type in a value -- positive or negative.  If they enter -2, then all the values currently displayed in [Team A] would be reduced by 2.  (You will not be able to do this on a row-by-row basis, however.  All [Team A] valued will drop by 2.)


          Use that calc in all your other analysis calcs instead of [Team A].


          That's just one idea.

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            Jane Smith

            Thank you Joe. That is a good idea that I hadn't thought of but will definitely use at some time. However for this case I really need to be able to change things on a row-by-row basis.

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              Joe Oppelt

              Jane Smith wrote:


              .... However for this case I really need to be able to change things on a row-by-row basis.


              Tableau won't do that.  (Or have x-many parameters, one for each row.  Yuck.)  That's not what this tool is made for.