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    Averages or roll-ups of given percentages

    Blair Gibb

      I am collecting data about projects. There are goals, strategies, tasks, and actions, and these make up a great hierarchy in Tableau. The user will enter the percent complete for each action (or possibly task if there are no actions defined). I want to show the roll-up of these percentages at each level.


      The issue is that when average is used it will average all the fixed percentages (no weighting) from levels below it:


      FirstFix itFix AA130
      FirstFix itFix AA240
      FirstFix itFix BB110
      FirstFix itFix BB220
      FirstFix itFix BB330


      In this scenario, the completion for percentage for Task Fix A should be 35 and for Fix B 20. If this is entered in Tableau, when the hierarchy is rolled up to Strategy, the rolled up percentage shows as 30%. But it really should be the average of the roll-ups at the task level, 27.5%.


      I'm having trouble coming up the right table calc/calculated field or combination to make this work this way.


      Any ideas?