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    Two inter-linked Filters resulting in a Blank Sheet after changing selection

    Nik Rao

      Hi people,


      The issue I am facing has been asked a few times in other discussions here before but unfortunately it has not been answered. I am just copy-pasting the issue that one such user had.


      I have 2 filters

      Filter-1 contains  "A" , "B"

      Filter-2 contains  "C", "D"

      and Filter-2 is "relevant" w.r.t Filter-1


      under A , "C" and "D" is available.

      under B , only "C" is available.

      SO When i choose "A" in filter-1 and "D" in filter-2 . again if i choose "B" in filter-1, a blank view displays because "D"  is not available in"B"

      here my requirement is when i choose "B" in filter-1 ,automatically filter-2 will be Chosen "C"


      The below two threads are the one's with a similar issue, fyi.


      How to Update the filter to default value based on other filter selection

      Multiple filters: how to update selection?  - I have currently used the "textbox message" workaround suggested by a user in  this forum. But it still doesn't solve my issue.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.