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    How to filter dimension based on reference dimension?

    Nikunj Bhardava

      Hi All,


      I have following data in table


      ID      |Name     |Date          |RefDate

      1       A              201605      201605

      2       A              201606      201605

      3       A              201607      201605

      4       B              201605      201605

      5       A              201608      201605

      6       A              201609      201609

      7       B              201609      201609

      8       A              201610      201609

      9       A              201611      201609

      10     A              201612      201609


      I have to filter on Date. we can see we have data for every month for item A but we only have data for few months for B. So what i want is to show last refreshed data for B.


      Scenario 1: If user select Date : 201605 to 201608 then I want same month data for A but for B it should show 201605 Data as refDate

      Scenario 2: If user select Date : 201610 to 201612 then I want same month data for A but for B it should show 201609 Data as refDate


      So the basic idea behind this calculation is i want to display monthly data for regular items. i.e A and last refreshed data for non-regular items. i.e B based on selected date filter


      I tried many ways but not able to get solution.


      Thanks in advance!



      Nikunj Bhardava