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    Extracts not working after migrating VM host

    Jim Fiorini

      We have a production Tableau Server VM running on Hyper-V on Windows 2008 R2. We are encountering issues migrating this to a different Windows 2012 R2 host on the same network. The VM was moved manually to the new Windows 2012 R2 host and started up fine. We increased the memory and cores assigned to the VM, and also increased the # of data engine processes to 2. The following issues were encountered:


      • The product said it was not licensed. We saw other reports of licensing issues in the forums. Is it enough to just re-activate, or could this happen again after a reboot? Should we have deactivated the VM before migrating it?
      • Dozens of our scheduled data extracts are not working. The logs show "database: Path does not exist". The tde files referenced don't seem to exist in the extracts folder on the server. Manually refreshing doesn't work either. Some of the extracts do work, but most don't.
        • After migrating VM hosts and upgrading the Hyper-V integration software, it's possible the server may have been restarted while scheduled extracts were running -- could that be an issue?


      We have reverted back to the original host for now. Should we have deactivated the VM on the new host?