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    FAQ:  Teach Dashboard Consumers



      2016-01-04    Creating a Collapsing Menu Container in Tableau  by  Robert Rouse



      2016-07-01   Better way to provide help/instructions on dashboards

      2016-05-18   Guide for newbie viewers?

      2015-08-17   Help document or guide for the end users?

      2015-02-03   End user guide to using Tableau





      2013-10-25     Describing / Explaining the Viz - Show / Hide

      2013-06-02    Worksheet Tooltip

      2012-02-06    Add tooltips to images on a dashboard


      Measures and Dimensions

      2014-09-14   Tooltips in individual dimension items

      2013-05-22   Tooltips in headers (field labels, quick filters, parameters, etc)


      Links to external documentation

      2012-06-20   HTML in tooltips   as in relation to  The specified item was not found.


      Built-in Feature Discovery

      2013-05-23   Improve Feature Discoverability



      2014-12-29   Need a Site/Content Administrator Guide (And even an end user guide)


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