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    Sum then Percentile aggregation - how to?

    Lukas Mol

      I'm fairly new to Tableau, googled my problem but didn't get to a solution, so I'm reaching out here.


      How do I approach the following analysis? I'm simplifying the steps below to a single end-value.


      Starting point: 10 days of delivery volumes for 4 customers (i.e. 40 values). The four customers are comined in to same delivery run on each of the 10 days.

      End goal: percentile (e.g. 80) volume of the 10 delivery runs.


      So I need to sum the 4 customers' volumes across each of the 10 days to get the 10 days total volumes.

      Then of those 10 days I want to get the 80% percentile.



      day 1: 10+12+9+10 = 41

      day 2: 9+15+12+6 = 42

      day 3: 12+8+8+6 = 34

      etc. for 10 days


      then percentile(80%) of (41,42,34.... etc for 10 values in total)


      Obviously all of this actually needs to happen over a much bigger data set. I'm just not finding a way to sum by date and then percentile accross dates.

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          Simon Padget

          Hi Lukas,


          I think you can do this with a couple of Table Calculations...OR level of detail


          With table calcs:

          Basically, you need a WINDOW_SUM to sum all customers across a day. And then you can use a WINDOW_PERCENTILE to get the 80th percentile across the whole set.


          So your window sum would be:

          WINDOW_SUM( SUM([Volume]))

          this needs to be set up as an "advanced table calculation" to partition by Day, and address Customer.


          Your percentile will be:

          WINDOW_PERCENTILE([c_window sum], 0.8)

          and this needs to be set up to address both Day and Customer.


          This should work OK for a much larger dataset, but remember you will need these pills in view so is limiting in certain ways.


          With Level of Detail:

          You need to sum the volume for each day using a FIXED calculation. Then you can do a simpler WINDOW_PERCENTILE on that.


          So the FIXED calc is:

          {FIXED [Day] : SUM([Vol])}

          note here we are fixing the SUM of volume for each day


          Your percentile will be:

          WINDOW_PERCENTILE( SUM([c_fixed day volume]), 0.8)


          which again should work fine on a much larger dataset. This also affords you a little more play with how you present it as you do not need "customer" in your view


          I will add a workbook shortly to explain more



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            Lukas Mol

            Hi Simon,


            Thanks for your pointers... I managed to get it working using the LOD approach.


            I've created a calculated measure

            VolPerBakRitWeek = {FIXED [Bakkerij],[Rit],[Dag]:SUM([LD Gecshaald en Afgerond])}

            which sums the client volumes (=LD Gecshaald en Afgerond) by Source (=Bakkerij) and Vehice run (=Rit) and Date (=Dag)


            The table values are:


            where [Dekkingsgraad] is a parameter between 0 and 1


            Output table then results as below. Which is the intended behaviour (i.e. verified with the underlying data)