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    Area Chart Total in Tooltip

    Michael Farhat



      In the attached Area Chart, is there a way to add a total to the tooltip?  For example, hovering on the data point for Jan-2016 displays the following tooltip:

      I want to add a third line to the tooltip labeled "Total:" which displays the total of the current data point plus all data points under it, but have not figured out how to do so.  Is this even possible?


      For example, hovering over the data point for Jan 2016:

      • In the blue area would display Total: 50%
      • In the orange area would display Total: 76%
      • In the green area would display Total: 83%
      • etc.


      Thanks, in advance, for any help!


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          Hope Stiles



          You might try creating a calculated field that will sum the measure values.  Then you can put that field in the tooltip to show the total.



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            Michael Farhat



            Thanks for the reply!


            That's what I thought but haven't had any luck figuring out exactly how to do that.


            Can you help me with an example? 

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              Hope Stiles



              Try this.  I didn't format it to a percentage but it appears to be giving the right output.  The downside to this calculation is that it is hardcoded to the measures in the view and not depending on the measure names filter.  Depending on how you plan to use the viz this might not be good.


              I can't tell exactly what type of data you are looking at here, but I keep thinking that perhaps what you should have is 1 measure where 1 to 7, 15 to 21, etc are fields within.  Or perhaps a measure with a value that you then create bins or groups from.  Then, you would be able to run an aggregation on the measure that would be affected by the data.  So, it may be that tweaking the layout of your data would prove useful, but I can't be certain.


              Hope that helps.