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    Filter based on Number of Records in combined aggregated/disaggregated view

    Dimitris Mitrodimas

      Hi everyone,


      great community and great portal, I'm happy to see there are so many Tableau enthusiasts out there!


      Being relatively new to Tableau myself, I would really appreciate any help on this as it seems quite cumbersome (at least to me! )


      So, what I'm trying to do is the following:


      I have created a sheet where I display a time-series showing the waiting time for commercial vessels at various international ports, for each calendar week of 2015. The sheet combines both aggregated data (the bars on top) and disaggregated data (the circles below).


      In order for the displayed figures to be considered reliable by our customers, I need to have at least 10 records for each week (this means at least 10 circles in the disaggregated plot). So I need a way to filter the weeks that only have at least 10 records.


      I have tried using [Number of Records] in Filters, but this only works on the aggregate bars. If I use the filter, the disaggregated circles disappear completely. I know why this happens, it is because [Number of Records] for each circle is equal to 1 (whereas for each bar it is equal to the number of circles displayed below it, so there it does work fine). As so, setting the filter to anything greater than 1 eliminates every circle from the view.


      I also know (or suspect) that instead of [Number of Records], I must use something like WINDOW_COUNT where I will count the records of each week starting on its first day. 


      The problem is, I have tried over and over again but I just cant seem to find how to do it properly.


      So any help on this would be GREATLY appreciated!!


      Thank you very much in advance for any suggestions!!