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    Trying to geocode a centre-point using R

    Simon Padget

      Hi Tableau-world


      I am stuck on a problem that I really hope somebody has an answer to (even an "unlucky mate" would be a good answer).


      The background is:

      * I want to be able to say "how far away" certain shops are from a centrepoint the user can determine

      * The user should be able to type in their location as freetext (e.g 34, Whatever Avenue, BigCity), this is the centrepoint

      * Tableau can then be superwhizzy and give them google maps directions to certain shops (this part is complete and looks truly sexy)


      My problem is that I can geocode the user-input address using R but it iterates this work for every row I have.

      What I ideally want, is the R calc to populate as a dimension (almost as a parameter), so when the user inputs a location the work is done only once. This can then be used to find the distance to each shop in less time.


      Has anybody got any ideas for how to do this?? I am beginning to think as it renders as a a table calc it might not even be possible!!


      Any help would be greatly appreciated