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    Connecting own database (Excel) with data sources on Tableau Server

    Diana Lujza Toth

      Hi everyone, I am a new user of Tableau.

      I have a problem with connecting an own data source to other data sources on Tableau Server.


      I have Tableau Desktop and I'm connected to T.Server where there are some databases uploaded by our central team, but those databases contain some duplicated records which should be removed. These databases contain orders (they have unique Order Id) and some other data.


      I have a very simple excel list which contains the following:

      Order Id          Duplication

      123                    no

      234                    yes

      456                    no



      I should connect my database with the data on the Server so that I can remove all duplicated orders from their lists.

      When I go to Data source tab, I can add a new data source, but I can not make relationship between the data sources (based on Order Id).

      Can you help?

      many thanks in advance.