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    How to use a specific DateTime as datetime range Quick Filter?

    owen walker

      So as the title says.


      I have a datetime range quick filter setup in the book which will allow the user to adjust the working day to a specific time.


      The issue is each "step" as they adjust it will work based off the time being 00:00


      The working day for this data however is from 06:00 to 05:59 the following day.


      I've managed to get it to give the start and end dates of the data as 06:00 using a calculated field as the filter:

      MAKEDATETIME(DATE([Log Time]),#06:00:00#) (Log_Time is a DD MM YY HH MM SS value in the data)



      However when they adjust the sliders it returns to times of 00:00


      Is what I'm asking for possible the way I'm trying to do this or am I thinking about it the wrong way?


      Thanks for any assistance, and if there is any confusion please let me know!