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    Combine strings and metric to show a box with percentage change vs. yesterday caption

    Eric Hanson

      I want to have a text box on a dashboard that gives a total value for today, then underneath it have a text box that will have "+/- n% vs. yesterday" and the text box background turn green/yellow/red depending on the percentage value.  I have the textbox for the value for the current day and it seems like I need to have a sheet for each value and then arrange them on the dashboard to make it look the way I want it to.  In Reporting Services or Business Objects it would be easy to do this, I could create an expression something like this:  IF [percentage calc] >= 0 THEN "+" ELSE "-" + Str([Percentage Calc]) + " vs. yesterday", but I can't seem to figure out how this would be one in Tableau.  I want it to look something like below and then I can build a drill through to get to more detailed visualizations.  Any help is greatly appreciated.