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    Multiple filters to get multiple totals from a Single Data Set

    Christopher McKinnish

      I really wasn't sure where to begin with the title for this one.  However, once again I turn to all you brilliant Tableauians for opinions and advise {is Tableauians a word...if not I just made it one, and no..not related to Klingons}


      Given Sample Data Set below.  Notice specifically the various codes in the "Absence Reason code" field.  Basically what I need based on a specific date (ignore date format) is to group by the absence code and only count those that have other specific criterion.


      Example:  Count absence code = "V" where Request status = "A" and Request Day/Week !="W"


      Dependent upon the Absence Code (AKA Absence Grouping or type) and other criteria like Request Status and Request type, I need to get a count of various attendance (Absence) codes.  Individually per worksheet this is a non-issue.

      However, what is escaping me is how to pull this together in one worksheet where I can calculate a percentage of the entire work group.


      The desired result is a single summary of all the various attendance activities.  Something to the effect


      V     =     56   

      AP     =     2

      PH     =     4


      There are about 20 different codes which ultimately would end up in 4 groups.  In other words, each group would have the same filtering to get the result, the only difference being the code


      Code LD = where absence end date = 0 and Request status = ' '

      Code V = where absence start date = Today() and Request status = 'A'


      Again...per individual work sheet this is not a problem, but I cannot seem to figure out how to put this in one table where I can, ultimately calculate the percent of the total population.


      Thoughts, comments, suggestions?


      Thank you as always