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    Hide the share button - embed code

    Thomas Hossler

      Hi all,


      I am currently working on a viz that need to be published on a friend's website using the embed javascript code. However, I don't want people to:

      1) link this viz to my profile - I already remove the direct link but the share button still give access to my tableau public profile.

      2) embed code. anyone can actually copy the embed code and use for its own website using that share button. It took me a while to build the database, I'd rather not have people doing that.


      I spent a lot of time and found the following:

      - there used to be a parameter display_share in the embed code but it does not seem to work anymore...

      - if I am using tableau server, I can modify the embed parameters with tabadmin (but I am only using tableau public)


      Any help is greatly appreciated