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    Summary KPI Page

    Gary Lombardo



      I have successfully built out a report that shows week over week change per 'source' and 'field'. I've created a calculated field that will color the cell with blue or orange depending on whether or not the week over week difference is greater or less than .01%. Since this report will be heading to my VP, i don't want to leave all the details. Therefore, i'd like to create a page like the following:


      June 17June 24July 1
      (green check)


      Here is the issue:


      The table calculation takes the difference of the previous week by source and field. This part is good, BUT, because the data aggregates when i remove anything from the row shelf (for example if i remove the 'field') i feel like i'm stuck.


      In other words, i want to be able to mark red x for each date if ANY of the week over week calcs across source and field are above the .01% threshold but i dont know to so without removing anything from the row shelf (which in turn would incorrectly aggregate the data).


      If you look at the sheet, all cells in June 24 are below the threshold so that would have a green check mark in the summary page. July 1 and Jun 17 have at least one cell above the threshold so that would have a red check mark.


      I know this may be a tad confusing so let me know if you have any questions.