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    Filter on a tree or parent/child relation

    Bobo Wieland

      I've read in older posts that Tableau doesn't support parent/child relations or tree structures? Is this really the case?


      My data set consists of different categories (think of categories in an e-commerce site) with sub categories and sub sub categories and so on.

      To be able to visualize data the way I want I would like to start att the root level and drill down level for level by filtering all subcategories belonging to the root level selected (keep all).


      Is this not possible?



      From start my dataset had only (categori_id, parent_category_id), but I've also tried to denormalize the data no having:
      root_category, category_depth_1, category_depth_2, category_depth_3, category_depth_4, category_depth_5, category_id for every category (depending on the depth any field exept category_id could be null. A null value for root_category would indicate that category_id is in it self a root category).


      Am I making sense?