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    Multiple Layout Containers help (+6 sheets)

    Ana Yin

      Hi everyone,


      I have 8 sheets to show on a dashboard (controlled by 'Select Period Display' parameter) - pls refer to workbook attached.


      When I select 'Months', I'd like both 'Sales-Month', 'Sales- FY'  and 'Profit-Month', 'Profit - FY' worksheets occupy the entire workbook (see "Ideal display 1" tab).


      When I select ' Periodic', I'd like 'Sales - QTR', 'Sales - HY', 'Sales - FY' and 'Profit - QTR', 'Profit - HY' and 'Profit - FY'  worksheets to occupy the entire workbook (see "Ideal display 2" tab).


      But right I don't know how to arrange the layout containers in such way that the worksheets occupy the entire canvas depending on the selection (refer to "Dashboard 1" - see how everything is squashed together).


      A client was adamant this must be the display so I've used Superstore as a mockup.


      If anyone can assist I'd really appreciate it!