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    Saving data connections (more specific MySQL connections)

    Bobo Wieland

      I know I can save Data sources in Tableau. But is it possible to just save the connection details? To having to write host, port, username and password each time I'm setting up a new Data Source is quite tedious.


      I'm quite new to Tableau so I'm aware that I might be missing something. Couldn't find anything searching though.


      On the same subject: I got the impression you can't ad arbitary tables (again talking MySQL) setting up a data source. You have to have ONE specific datasource (it can involve multiple tables, but they have to have a relation to each other). So I can't just connect to a database and choose freely from the tables when creating a visualisation? Again leading to my first question with atleast being able to store the connection...?

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          Dmitry Chirkov
          1. Yes, you can save datasource (*.tds) however you can do it even without building a relation (i.e. no tables). After opening such datasource you'd have to go to data source tab and just finish up adding tables.
          2. In 10.0 we have a new small feature which is remembering connection dialog inputs - everything but password will be pre-populated next time you pick same connection type.
          3. And yes, 1 datasource equals 1 relation (one or many joined tables). It does have to be defined before you start creating visualization.


          Hope this helps!

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