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    sum and display data as percentage compared to a fixed number

    Anh Ho

      HI all,


      I have an Excel file which data showing the time the carpark is occupied in three days. I want to show the occupancy rate (in percentage) for each car park for three days.

      In other words, each car park has a fixed total time of  60 minutes per hour x 24 hours a day x 3 days = 4320 minutes. I was able to display total occupied minutes for each carpark as below:

      sample screenshot.PNG

      However, I want to compare the occupied minutes for each car park against 4320 minutes and display in percentage, in bar chart. For example, occupancy rate for carpark no. 1 is 931/4320*100=21.55%, I want to be able to calculate that number and display in bar chart.

      I attached tableau workbook and excel source below.


      Thank you