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    Keno \ lottery

    Niko Suomi



      I have a dataset from a Keno-numbers in Finland, and I would like to try to find out what numbers have occured the most.

      The set of numbers come to one row like this:

      1 2 3 4 5 10 13 15 16 20 22 24 27 29 41 46 60 64 67 70


      I have tried to split them with space, but there is nothing happening with the custom split..


      Does the community have any ideas, how should I approach this problem?


      There is book2 as attachment, if someone want's to play around






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          Niko Suomi

          Ok... Got a little bit further with this.. The "space" between the numbers has not been a space, it is something else.

          I did notice this when I tried to split the column in Excel and it did not recognize space as a split delimiter for this. So I did copy the space between the two number, put it on the custom delimiter box and it did split it.

          Still not know why it is not space .. While it is a space?


          I have seen this problem with the - mark before few days back. It was not the longer line (tiret), it was the simple normal dash. Still not splitting or finding the - mark, until I did copy the - from the text..






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            Still not know why it is not space .. While it is a space?

            There are actually two kinds of spaces in  ISO/IEC 8859-1, namely the "normal" space with ASCII value 32 (which is easily recognized by Tableau) and the non-breaking space with ASCII value 160.


            Your data uses the non-breaking space as number separator.


            Below are three methods you can use:


            METHOD A:  Clean Data

            You can cleanse your data first by replacing the hard spaces (160) with soft spaces (32) in Excel or LibreOffice Calc (which I used) by following these steps:


            1) copy a non-break space in your data

            2) open Search & Replace

            3) paste the copied non-break space into Search For

            4) type a normal space in Replace With

            5) click Replace All


            METHOD B:  Custom Split with Non-break Space

            Copy a non-break space in your data and use it as a separator in a custom split.


            METHOD C:  Edit Calculation

            Copy a non-break space in your data and paste it into the delimiter section of a split calculation:


            TRIM( SPLIT( [ti 5.7.2016 päivä], " ", 1 ) )

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