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    Can you filter on a secondary data source indirectly from the primary data source?

    Stephen Jay

      I am working with 2 datasources. One acts as a lookup table for users and the other acts as an event table for users.

      I'm attaching a simplified workbook to demonstrate what I'm trying to do.


      Group Definition.PNG

      The figure above shows group definitions, where particular users belong to a single group.


      Event Definitions.PNG


      The figure above shows an event log, where users are associated with a certain date.



      I would like create a filter with a USER name selection, but will actually filter on the group that the user belongs to. For example, if I choose a filter value of "John", I want all the users of the "Dork" group to be excluded.

      Another requirement is that I don't want to use a parameter to select the user names, because I expect the number of user names to expand. I don't know if Tableau can dynamically add new user values to a parameter without being manually updated.


      Does anyone know how to do this? I've been trying to do this for a few hours but I'm completely stuck.