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    Need advice on Join tables: Multiple tables with several keys, I'm either missing data or flooded with data [Tableau 9.3, Oracle DB]

    Harald Stoll

      Hi all,


      I'm a beginner with Tableau and right now I can do with some advice on table joins.

      We have Oracle DB from which I'm trying to get several tables from, these tables are interlinked with a few key identifiers.

      These tables are connected as you'd expect, with debtors, customers, payments, cases etc.


      The tables to be joined:



      A sample of the data.


      ID's have been set to strings. Available ID's have been interlinked as you can see from the 1st image.


      An extract is needed because of the large size of this dataset, specifically for only a small group of 20 customers. When I use the Extract option, and add an extract filter (casecustomerid=123456,654321,09876, etc.), I always get an incomplete set of data or it takes hours until I give up (executing query....)


      With the current set-up I get only a very small amount of data, almost none.

      If I use a left join, I'm missing  about half of the data.

      I tried connecting the tables as individual sources and blending them, but I got tableau errors.

      I also tried leaving only single unique key joins, but even with live data I'm not able to get past the 'executing query' part.


      I followed along with the data training videos and looked around in the forum.

      Any advice regarding best practice and in regards to my situation above would be welcome, if you need more details please let me know.