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    How to pass Tableau's PostgreSQL data to JavaScript code?

    Aiswarya Sundaram

      Hi All,


      I have been very much inspired by Tableau's MyAlpo and am trying to build a portal as well.

      Figured that in order to make it pretty and more interactive, I'll use the JavaScript API.


      Now, my next step is to get the data dynamically i.e. fetch data from Tableau Server's PostgreSQL  based on who logs in to the portal and change the content accordingly.

      So that the " your favorites" or "popular in your group" dashboards that would show up on the portal would be completely personalized.


      Yes,I can create a dashboard and achieve almost the same thing but I want a website look and feel which is why JavaScript comes in.


      Is it something to do with AJAX and PHP?

      or is it just filtering out by sending in the username logged into the portal through JavaScript?


      Long story short:

      What is the piece that I'm missing to link my PostgreSQL queries which gives me dashboards' data  to display on the portal and the JavaScript code that gives me the interactivity I want?


      It could be something very obvious, but please go ahead and point it out.

      Really appreciate your input and thanks in advance.