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    Problem with editing views on Tableau server

    Rahul Aggarwal

      I am running into an issue with which your help will be much appreciated.


      I published a workbook to Tableau server.

      I am able to edit this workbook's views on the server when I login using my account on the server.


      Other users are able to view the views, filter them, etc., on the server just fine.


      However they can't "edit". They get an error:
      "To open this view, you must sign in to the database that the view uses."


      I have tried a few things but they haven't worked.  I ensured that other users ha@ve edit rights to the views. I did that first on the server and then by republishing the workbook from desktop with edit rights.


      Also, the workbooks were published with password embedded (otherwise even the viewing of the workbooks would not have worked).


      Thanks much for any help.