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    Calendar Actions issue


      Hi there, We have a calendar working from two data sources, what I would like to be able to do, is select a filter (or various filters), and keep the background calendar complete and just change the data / numbers on each day. So standard view is the full calendar for the Month. Filter on activity one, and I see the full calendar and then on the days when activity one is taking place a number is populated. Currently, I can only make that work if null is selected which is not right. Attached are three images to show the problem. Thanks, Paul


      Cal 1.png


      cal 2.png


      cal 3.png


      I think Shawn Wallwork has come across this before?

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Paul, could you give me a screenshot of the way the pills are laid out on all the shelves. I need to see how you are creating this. Also in the last png why is the 15th showing when you've only selected the 16th in the filter?





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            Mark Palmberg

            I know it's been months now, but I'm working on this same problem and getting killed by it, Shawn Wallwork. Totally understand if you're too swamped to take a look at the attached twbx.


            Simply put, I'd like to filter on DO ID (from the secondary, blended source) and have all dates for the displayed month from the ALL_DATES source (which is just a SQL query returning dates for use as a scaffold) show on the calendar, regardless whether the selected DO ID has any Action Items on that date.


            Thanks for any time you can spare!