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    Mark meaningful difference of mean from overall average, or from prior mean?

    Alissa Swartz

      Hi - I'm working with survey data, specifically Likert scale questions. I am trying to figure out how to create two different marks via calculated fields that displays when a mean is either/both significantly different (p= .05) from the overall average and from the prior year's average.


      I mocked this up in paint... this is roughly what I'm looking for. Something that people who know nothing about statistics can look at and understand whether they should care about the changes in the data over time and against the overall average (I have no idea whether the differences are actually significant, this is just for demonstration purposes):

      member survey 2016 - tableau forum sig diff.jpg


      Help? I've read lots of forum posts and don't seem to be finding what I'm looking for...


      Also FYI Brooke Schwartz