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    Show/Hide Message on Dashboard Based on Quick Filter Selection

    Mike Kennedy

      Apologies if this has been answered. I've searched the forums for a couple hours with no luck.


      I would like a message to appear on certain sheets on my dashboard if the number records for a certain view falls below a threshold, based on a quick filter selection. For example, I would like a message in red to pop up and say "Note: The n < 10 for the chart", if a user selects "Small companies" but not to appear if "Large companies" is selected.


      I'm thinking the best way to do this is to create that title for some unused sheet, and the show/hide it based on the selection. I could hardcode those and ignore the need for the "<10" calculation. But I'm struggling with how to show/hide based on the quick filter.


      I've seen examples on these forums about how to do these based on action filters, i.e. clicking on something, but I want it to happen automatically.


      Thanks so much for your help!