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    Layered Mapping

    Shivani Rathi



      I have seen similar posts for this but couldn't find any solutions. I have two sets of data: locations of the company leads & locations of the company closed deals. I want to create a filled zip code map for the leads, and overlay it with markers/dots for closed deals. I couldn't figure out how to plot both zip code/states on the map at the same time with different shapes to indicate the different type of location(either lead or closed). Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

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          Tyler Knight

          Perhaps you could provide further details?


          If a zip code has a closed deal, can it also have a lead?

          E.g. Zip code A has 5 leads and 2 closed deals. What would you want the shade to be and what would you want the marker to be?


          Or is it either/or. I.e. Zip code A either has a lead or is closed.


          A sample data set would be ideal.




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            Shivani Rathi

            Hi Tyler,


            I unfortunately do not have a data set I am allowed to post.

            A closed deal will always lie in the same zipcode as a lead, but a lead will not necessarily have a closed deal. There are many more leads than closed deals. My intentions are to fill the map for leads, and then overlay it with dots for the closed deals. I hope that provides enough info.